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Dream Psychology


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An Apple Books Classic edition.

Written by the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freudโ€™s 1899 book is the definitive text on learning to interpret dreams. Freudโ€™s groundbreaking approach to healing psychiatric issues through dialogue between a patient and therapist gave us enduring concepts like projection and transference, as well as the superego, ego, and id.

Above all, Freud advanced the progressive idea of unconscious desire as a driving force for our thoughts and actions. This paved the way for the revolutionary notion that dreams are more than wild nonsense-theyโ€™re a channel for symbolically communicating our innermost fears, conflicts, and desires. While many of Freudโ€™s theories have fallen out of fashion, Dream Psychology is a great introduction to the influential field of psychoanalysis. Itโ€™s a fascinating look into the world of the subconscious-and the human mind.